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Trujillo next Retirement Haven – Canadian Business Magazine

June 15, 2011

Laying around the beach

The June 2011 edition of Canadian Business Magazine features a variety of locations in the world as the “Next Generation of Retirement Havens”.  Life Vision’s developments in Trujillo was specifically mentioned in the article as one of these feature destinations.  Click here to read the article, Next-generation Havens _ Canadian Business Magazine


Lot Sales up 238% in 2010 in Roatan

June 2, 2011

The real estate market in Honduras, specifically Roatan has seen a strong resurgence in 2010 compared to 2009.  Longtime Roatan Realtor, TJ Lynch in his Youtube video show sales of Private Residential Lots up 238% and prices of the lots up by 105%, in 2010.

The primary driver for Roatan growth has been the tourism economy generated by the passenger Cruise Ship industry.  USA Today reports, Roatan is expected to receive over 730,000 visitors from the cruise ships in 2011.

Historical MLS data of the West Bay Road, show a residential lot approximately 1.5 acres in size with a view, listed in 2002 for $48k.  A comparable property listed for over $300k in 2010.  Depending on the development, a serviced lot in Roatan now will cost between $80k and $300k. Meanwhile a 2-3 bedroom home will run you $300-450k in the mountain and $500-1,500,000 along the beachfront.

Roatan is more developed and mature with a consistent level of economic activity, however the prices are also much higher there than Trujillo.  A serviced one acre lot with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea in Alta Vista Mountain is under $50k.   Randy Jorgensen, the Developer, has suppressed values of property by more than 50% to comparable property in other parts of Honduras.  This is so buyers can take advantage and be part of the emerging market in Trujillo.

But it can be for only so long!  With Banana Coast Cruise Terminal coming into operation in the 2012 2013 cruise season, it is a matter of time before Trujillo property owners see the same economic activity as Roatan. 

Compare buying a finished house in Roatan for a price of $300-450k, it is much cheaper to build your dream home in Trujillo.  A 3 bedroom home on the mountainside with a swimming pool can be built for under $200,000.  Speak with Cathy McLarney ( at Jaguar Construction for more information.

Homes nestled in rainforest overlooking Caribbean Sea

OAS Reinstate Honduras by Majority Vote!

June 2, 2011

At an Extraordinary Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, DC today, 32 of the OAS member nations voted in favor of lifting the two-year suspension of Honduras’ membership in the organization.  The Resolution cites the Agreement for National Reconciliation and the Consolidation of the Democratic System in the Republic of Honduras signed in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, last May 22, and it resolves to “lift the suspension, with immediate effect, of the right of the State of Honduras to participate in the Organization of American States.”  For more information, click OAS Press Release June 1, 2011

41st Special General Assembly

41st Special General Assembly

41st Special General Assembly

2012 Early Bird Construction Offer

May 30, 2011

2011_2012_Early Bird Brochure   Jaguar Construction has just announced the 2012 Early Bird Construction  offer for property owners in Trujillo.  Stunning homes have been built  on Campa Vista Mountain and Alta Vista Beach boasting spectacular views  of the Caribbean Sea.  The homes have all been furnished and enjoyed by  their owners.  Some are even ready for rent!

With the Banana Coast Cruise Port design underway it is scheduled to be  ready to accept passengers in the 2012-2013 cruise season.  This will  create significant visitor traffic into the area.  Don’t miss the  opportunity to build your dream house in the Caribbean.  Contact or visit their website at

Take advantage of the offer and get on the priority list.

Houses for Rent in Campa Vista

May 12, 2011

View of Caribbean Sea

Life Vision is pleased to announce houses for rent in our Campa Vista development.

Select owners who took advantage of the earlybird offer by Jaguar Construction built their dream homes with the inclusive investment strategy to rent the property when not in personal use.  Visitors can choose from 2 and 3 bedroom homes, fully furnished with some including a swimming pool and private balcony overlooking the turquoise blue water of the Caribbean Sea.

Trujillo Property Services is the company in charge of property management on the ground in Trujillo.  For more information on booking a villa or general questions, please contact Cathy Bernier at

Congratulations to all home owners in the rental pool who have taken the first step in getting their investment to work for them!

Swimming Pool

Property owners interested in constructing their home in the 2012 construction season can contact Cathy McLarney ( at Jaguar Construction or visit their website at

Birth Announcement!

May 12, 2011

The Campo del Mar Family is overjoyed to announce the birth of 2 baby Pizotes on Wednesday May 11, 2011 at 2:00pm!

Philomena (mom) and the babies are happy and healthy.  It is too soon to tell what the sex of the babies are as Philomena is keeping them as close to her as possible, but we will keep you updated.   Congratulations Philomena!

Visitors and property owners are welcome to come to the Nature Park in Campo Del Mar to visit Philomena and her family.  While there visit the exotic red and blue feather macaws and white faced capuchin monkeys in the bird and monkey habitats.  Stroll through the organic fruit and vegetable orchards and relax on the benches under the shade of 40 ft. mango trees.

See you soon!

Mark, Martine and the Campo del Mar Family

Honduras has a basis for Investment

May 6, 2011


The creation of seven laws which guarantee legal certainty and investment support are proof that Honduras is ready to open its doors to development…

Investors from 75 countries representing some 400 companies participating from yesterday’s “Honduras is open for business” (Honduras open for business) that continues today in the halls of Expocentro in San Pedro Sula.  At nine o’clock opened the biggest economic event of Honduran history that would make foreign firms entering the country.

The event was attended by the President of Guatemala, Álvaro Colom, the secretary of the International Trade Administration United States, Francisco J. Sanchez, the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, and the President of the Arab Bank, Victor Nasri Malham.  He was also yesterday, and today will be speaker, former President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, and economics expert journalist Alberto Padilla, who moderated the panel with the lecturers.

Mario Canahuati Chancellor opened the event by inviting employers to enjoy the wonderful culture and natural resources the country offers.  Canahuati is the officer who organized the event, supported by the diplomatic corps has taken the momentum of foreign investment as part of their responsibilities.

After being welcomed in an audience which gathered some 1,400 employers, the Chancellor was accompanied by other ministers to the main stage. Were the head of Tourism, Nelly Jerez, Jacobo Regalado of Agriculture, Miguel Pastor of Public Works, Security Oscar Alvarez, the forestry director Trinidad and Roberto Martinez Suazo, manager of the Enee. With them came the designated Bográn Marie Antoinette. The officials made a brief presentation to attract investors interested in each capital projects waiting to be executed.

In his speech, the Minister of Public Works, Transportation and Housing, Miguel Pastor, said the country’s infrastructure sector has over a thousand kilometers of road network that can be franchised.  He added that the private sector’s installed capacity is important since it has the necessary legal certainty to develop projects and work can now be made through the Law of Public-Private Partnerships is extremely attractive to invest in the country.

Security Minister Oscar Alvarez said that the National Police is undergoing a re-engineering that will enable the country to reduce the impunity with the support of other institutions of the justice sector and the public prosecutor and the Supreme Court.

According to Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Jacobo Regalado, the agribusiness sector, the country is ready to seize the global context of a favorable price for food production, since Honduras has more than 350,000 hectares of irrigation potential to develop a production capacity interesting.

Legal Justification 
The National Congress President, Juan Orlando Hernandez noted the adoption of the five laws that promote and protect national and foreign investment in the country: Hourly Employment Act, the Rural Employment of Foreign Employment, the Public-Private Partnership, the Renewable Energy Contracts, cities and the latest models on the Promotion and Protection of Investment, which yesterday was signed by President Wolf.

Country of opportunities 
President Porfirio Lobo Sosa sent a message of hope to investors and assured them of legal certainty to have the confidence to invest.

“Your presence creates new expectations for each investment that comes to Honduras creates new employment opportunities. Each investment made means better living conditions for the Hondurans, which is why I invite you to come.  We will win both, “said the President to 1.400 investors gathered in the auditorium of Expocentro.

The President of Guatemala, Álvaro Colom, a special guest and gave faith of Honduras entrepreneurship and human quality of Hondurans. “I met entrepreneurship Honduras for three years, it is easy to make friends and build relationships in Honduras.”

Colom reiterated her support for the government headed by Lobo Sosa for the prompt return to the Organization of American States and the normalization of relations with the world. “I’m sure this event will give the expected results. Every dollar invested in Central strengthens the region. Succeed in this business opening Honduras “he said.

In the afternoon, investors visited the rooms of situations in the secretariats of Honduras to see the project proposals.

Lectures continue today 
If the opening was masterful, the closure is with a flourish. Day two of the investment forum “Honduras is open for business” will continue with large stakes.

The speakers today will be the Deputy Minister Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, Chung Sheng Lin, economist and member of the Stanford Center for International Development, Paul Romer and former President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe. All after their presentations, participate in a talk to discuss about the present and the future investment and economic development in Latin America.

At noon, from 12.30 pm to 1.00 pm, will be the closing ceremony led by President Porfirio Lobo. In the evening there will be a closing cocktail in the Arab Honduran Social Club. The talks and thematic meetings will also continue today. “It is a country with a wonderful combination of wealth”  The effort of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will pay off.

After he received a standing ovation for the great work done by organizing the “Honduras is open for business”, Foreign Minister Mario Canahuati investors greeted the present, detailing his message the opportunities and benefits offered by the country in energy, agribusiness, infrastructure production, global services, textile, processing, forestry and tourism.

“Today, with great pride, Honduras opened its doors to the world to expose a country with a wonderful combination of culture, talents and natural wealth that makes us unique in the world,” he told the crowds who attended the biggest event of investment the country.

The chancellor said the government of President Porfirio Lobo Sosa recognizes that eradicating poverty, developing economy and private investment laws are required to deliver important public-private partnerships that make it more flexible labor market.

“Honduras is in a prime location in central America with a modern infrastructure to meet the demands of world trade. We are the only country in the area that has four modern airports and shortly fifth international airport in the strategic valley of Comayagua, a wonderful meeting point in the corridor that connects the Pacific and the Atlantic, “he said.

The chancellor noted that the National Investment Promotion provides important new laws that allow public-private partnerships and new programs that more flexible labor market. He stressed that this week Congress passed the new Investment Law.

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