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Tides Are Turning

November 1, 2010

The Clelia II international cruise ship arrived in Trujillo on Tuesday October 26th 2010.  Operated by Travel Dynamics, the Clelia II is the second passenger cruise ship to arrive in Trujillo in the past 18 months. 

 The 100 or so German passengers were ferried through the dock at Puerto Castilla and shuttled into Trujillo on awaiting tour buses to the Christopher Columbus Hotel where they were greeted by native Garifuna dancers.  The tourists were welcomed by Mayor Jose Antonio Lainez and his wife, Isis Lainez. 

The dance act delighted the visitors, particularly to Peter Graham, director of cruise lines.  “We are very happy to come to Trujillo and how people treated us. They have very nice places, Honduras is impressive, this is a very quiet bay and a beautiful lagoon, are happy to be in this paradise, “said Graham. 

“We hope that events like these are repeated and thus promote global Honduras and particularly to Trujillo as the preferred site for the withdrawal of American retirees and tourist destination” says Trujillo Mayor Jose Antonio Lainez.

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