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Campo del Mar Park System – Animal Habitat

June 24, 2010

One of the four parks within the Campo del Mar Park System is the Wildlife Park.  This park will feature colonies of monkeys, exotic birds and other rainforest animals living freely within their natural environment.  Plans for the park include guided Canopy and Trail Tours bringing visitors and residents as close to the natural rainforest without disturbing the wildlife.

Within the Nature Park of Campo del Mar, Life Vision Properties has finished construction of a monkey habitat that will assist in the preservation and rehabilitation of Spider and Capuchin monkeys.    The 42’ high and 50’ diameter structure will be used to assist injured, abandoned and confiscated monkeys in need of care.

Recently the Natural Resource Authorities (UMA) has left in our care for rescue purposes, 5 Capuchin monkeys and 2 Spider Monkeys that were confiscated by the UMA authorities.  Our full-time biologist and on call veterinarian are working daily with the animals and determining their chances of rehabilitating them back to the rainforest.

Monkey Habitat Campo del Mar Wildlife Park

In addition, the habitat will also provide the opportunity for park visitors to view current residents as we anticipate having ongoing animal residents (other habitats are being constructed) processed due to rescue operations.  This will be an excellent opportunity to educate visitors, schools and eco-enthusiasts about the domestic and wild animals of Honduras.


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