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Northern Coast development top priority in National Sustainable Tourism Strategy

March 2, 2010

The Tourism Secretariat (SETUR) together with the Honduras Institute of Tourism (IHT) is actively promoting the National Sustainable Tourism Strategy which integrates with overall the interests of Honduras. 

Tela to Trujillo Development Zone per National Sustainable Tourism Strategy 2021

 Honduras began working with this model in 2006 and over the next 15 years expects to have developed and anchored tourist based activity at a regional level throughout the many tourist destinations.    The model creates a sustainable plan that will positively impact many regions with economic developments, environmental awareness and responsibility and include the local stakeholders by creating employment for the many.

 The short term strategy includes International Tourist Vacation Areas and encompasses the,

Bay Islands

In the Bay Islands, the sun and beach tourism should be complemented with other activities such as diving and cruises, the fabulous beaches of the islands should become places of excellence for international tourists…

 Zona Maya

Archaeological Tourism today is exclusively tied to Copan Ruinas, which is the starting point of the Ruta Maya. The objectives are to ensure that tourists stay longer in the area, generate a circuit archaeological and cultural tourism, and connect with other tourist areas of short-term development in the country: the Bay Islands and Caribbean Esmeralda

Caribbean Esmeralda

The Caribbean coast of Honduras has been identified as Caribbean Esmeralda which is aimed at regional and international tourism quality, associated with ecotourism in protected areas. Originally, Caribbean Esmeralda  was a structure that included Omoa and has now been split into two areas: Caribbean Esmeralda (Tela to Trujillo at first level priority) and Caribbean Porteño (Omoa in a third level of priority).


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