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Trujillo now have cruise dock

February 8, 2010

Canadians invested $ 15 million
07.02.10 – Updated: 07.02.10 11:17 pm – Luis Lemus:

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The company of Canadian capital of Grande Trujillo Authority projects to invest to this year considering of fifteen million dollars to construct a wharf of cruises and the terrestrial terminal in Trujillo, Columbus.

The infrastructure will have a length of 700 meters linear that will be the base of other harbour constructions that project to carry out, informed the mayor into Trujillo, Jose Antonio Laínez.


The previous Municipal Corporation of Trujillo, presided over by Luis Alonso Lopez, resolved on the 10 of December of 2009 to declare the zone a necessity and public utility for the project of wharf of cruises in the Bay of Trujillo.

The published resolution this week in the Official Newspaper the Newspaper authorizes the company Grande de Trujillo Authority to fulfill the payment in cash to compensate the people to whom it will be necessary to expropriate to execute the first stage of the work; this municipal corporation will establish legal steps which there is to align itself, for which the professional, technical and evaluation information will have to be taken in consideration to determine the real area of the land, location, and the value for expropriation.

“The present declaration of public necessity is of immediate execution”, indicates the publication of the Newspaper.


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